Pool Renovations and Repairs

Swimming Pool Renovation and Repairs

Aquatic Management Services has a full Service Department that is ready to handle any and all swimming pool renovation and repairs for our customers.  Since the Service Department is “in house,” we have complete control over their schedule and work load.  This allows us to provide immediate swimming pool repair service to customers during the summer so that your facility’s down time is kept to a minimum.  Our Service Department does not work just for our existing customers.  We will perform work with any organization on a contractual basis for the specific repairs approved.

All Swimming Pool Renovation and  Repairs are performed ONLY after a Customer has provided written authorization through our formal proposals.  We take great effort to make the repair process as smooth and open as possible.




Aquatic Management Services has access to hundreds of suppliers throughout the country. This is a huge benefit to our customers in having repairs completed in a timely fashion. There is nothing at your pool we cannot replace or repair, with most repairs and parts being available in under 24 hours. Here is only a small sample of repairs that Aquatic Management Services is able to perform:

  • Pump and motor repair and replacement (24 hour turn around on most pumps and motors).
  • Pool surface patching
  • Filter replacement and Repair
  • Leaks above and below ground
  • Valve replacement
  • Deck Repair
  • Slide Repair
  • Diving Board Repair
  • Pressure Washing
  • Chemical Feed System repair and replacement
  • Heater repair and replacement


Not only does Aquatic Management Services provide timely repairs during the summer, but we also are equipped to work with all facility Owners to perform major renovations to facilities.  Not only do we perform major renovations, we also will work with you to create a plan that will not only solve the problems you have at your facility, but also work within your budget.Here is a sample of the types of renovations Aquatic Management Services is able to perform:

  • Resurfacing Pool (Plaster, Diamond Brite, Krystal Krete, and Sand Blasting)
  • Tile Work (Waterline Tile, Lane Line Tile, Safety Tile, and Deepend Drop off Tile)
  • Coping (Brick and Poured Concrete)
  • Deck Replacement (Including Spray Deck and Deck Coatings)
  • Cutting Expansion Joints
  • Filtration Upgrades
  • Chemical Feed System Upgrades
  • Diving Boards and Stands
  • Slides
  • Installing Separate Filtration Systems for Baby Pools
  • Swimming Pool Modifications
  • Winter Covers (Solid and Safety)
We look forward to the opportunity to perform an inspection of your facility.  If you would like to have an inspection performed at your facility to determine capital needs and renovation repairs, please Contact Us.