Pool Lifeguard jobs near me

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Next time you are at the pool or beach take a look around you.  Beyond the hustle and bustle of public recreational goers is a far more important element, Pool lifeguard jobs.  Lifeguards are there watching and anticipating any emergency situation that can happen.  AMI and our Lifeguards take water safety seriously.

Aquatic Management is a fully integrated national lifeguard service, providing services to government agencies and communities across the United States.  AMI provides a devoted, dedicated and professional service at the pools and on the beaches within the communities we serve.  AMI is the leading provider of Atlanta lifeguard jobs and services to aquatic facilities in the United States.

Lifeguard Jobs?   Why?

One of the most important personal benefits of being a successful lifeguard is the satisfaction of knowing that a lifeguard’s actions can save a life.  So why choose lifeguard jobs?  Here are a few reasons to join AMI:

Lifeguard Management

We want you on our Team

  • Helps develop communication skills with people.
  • Creates and develops leadership skills
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Increased leadership opportunities.
  • Development of public relations, customer service and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Teamwork skills development.
  • Better decision-making skills.
  • Enhances self-confidence

AMI Lifeguards play a very important role in ensuring the security and safety of all patrons at the pool or at the public beach.  Becoming an AMI lifeguard is certainly something to be proud of when you invest your time and training with certification classes.  These classes will equip you with the proper skills and so if you’ve ever considered becoming a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard call AMI today to learn more.  We look forward to hearing from you!(Rush in for the current vacancies in Atlanta lifeguard jobs!)

Pool Lifeguard jobs near me

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